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Merge technology and humanity. Drive blockchain publishing to preserve and distribute great stories. Liker Land bridges the new world and old, reshaping reading and media culture.

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Things you should know

  • What’s special about NFT ebooks?

    Each ebook is unique and personally signed by the author. NFT books are tradable ebooks you can transfer to others on the marketplace. This allows you to convert your assets into cash or interact and trade with other readers.
  • What happens after a successful purchase?

    After successfully purchasing an ebook, you will receive a confirmation email. Register an account with a few simple steps, and the author will send the book to your ebook cabinet. You will obtain proof of ownership and reading rights for the ebook.
  • How can you read ebooks from Liker Land?

    Like other ebook marketplaces, Liker Land allows you to open ebooks directly on the website, primarily supporting EPUB and PDF formats. Depending on the author's settings, you can flexibly browse online or download the content to read on any smartphone, tablet, or e-reader.

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