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Liker Land lets writers integrate Writing NFT into their blog or website, keep their content open, and get paid by providing benefits to readers.

NFT book allows the content to be circulated, enable direct connection with fans, and fit in with today’s audience living in a global digital world.

Dung Kai Cheung

天工開物 栩栩如真 2005, Out of print

It is a paper book published in 2005, by well-known Hong Kong novelist, Dung Kai Cheung. It went out of print after it was sold out. This year he republished this novel but does not want to face the same destiny of the first edition.

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    室友失踪,疑似遇害;見工面試,被人冷待;身無長物,落魄無奈!在這艱難混亂的時刻,天賜悠美一張夢幻般的古典畫桌!公寓僅有的空間根本容不下,可是悠美蠻勁爆發,決定棄床,寧願席地而睡,也要擁有那張 Dream Desk!


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Liker Land is the only NFT ecosystem that I can experience genuine "warmth" in NFTs. All other so-called web3 projects lack this kind of user experience.

Wan Sze Zit
Former Technology Editor at Hong Kong Economic Journal

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Don’t let starting small stop you from thinking big. Identify your active readers from their content collections and engage them without extra work. Reward your fans with unique collectibles infused with warmth, sincerity, and personality.

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Focus on your best work. We handle the tech. Writing NFT introduces authenticity and ownership to true fans. Liker Land combines NFT in publishing, and provides self-publishing flow (blogs & eBooks), payment systems (fiat & crypto), and customer support in a simple interface.

All stories matter

With simple tools and features, we made it easy to publish and collect writing in web3 manner.

  • Reader insights

    Reader insights

    Use powerful on-chain data to learn what resonates with your reader to grow your fans' community.

  • Social interaction

    Payment systems

    You will have a choice to start with Stripe right away to take payments in your local currency or crypto.

  • Social interaction

    Social interaction

    Build relationships with your readers through an on-chain autograph, and threaded messages. Readers can also make transfers and book gifts through the marketplace.

  • Blogs

    Liker Land Writing NFT widget lets you start a paid subscription or publish paid posts based on your open content from any writing platform such as WordPress, or Substack etc.

  • eBooks

    Liker Land provides a self-publishing portal for authors to publish their eBooks with Writing NFT. Offer paid readers to own a unique and transferable copy of the e-book.

My first NFT book experiment concluded in 34 days with 1,024 books sold from 943 readers, 18 regions, 21 channels. This experiment allows authors, editors, designers, curators, distributors, and technical support roles to obtain reasonable profit-sharing but also enables readers to contribute according to their abilities and obtain what they need.

kin ko
co-founder of LikeCoin