Writing NFT

Publish as you write. Collect as you read.

Writing carries one's soul. You are what you read and write. Writing NFT brings together unique pieces of stories in the Metaverse. Collect words that touch your soul.

Publish as you write


The widget is a mini NFT marketplace that can be embedded into any website. Writers can focus on creating quality content while readers can collect and own their favorite articles in NFT.

Everyone can sell his or her work as NFT without worrying about the technical legwork. With a simplified process of creating an NFT, writers can quickly turn their writing into an NFT at the same time when they publish to the internet.

Collect as you read

A beautiful NFT collection display. Showcase an individual’s readership and authorship with a verifiable ownership record. Show off your collection!

Writers can build communities with like-minded readers, and use NFT to provide unique experiences on readers' interactions and participation.

Publish any webpage as NFT


Writers can turn any webpage into an NFT.

Enjoy the benefits of decentralized storage and create NFT in several clicks. No more pages not found, always accessible to your content, truly own and monetize your work.

Get rid of sales hurdle

Write as usual; publish differently.

The preset bonding curve design sets all Writing NFT prices with dynamic pricing. Price will automatically increase as demand goes up. Limitless supply, writers do not have to worry about maintaining floor price or supply quantity.


  • Q1
    Why publish articles as Writing NFT?

    An individual’s content portfolio can be viewed as part of a reliable decentralized identity in Web3. It’s a record of individual authorship. Writing NFT can guarantee the immutability of content and later verifiable with proof of ownership and property rights.
  • Q2
    How to get started with Writing NFT?

    There are three ways:
    1. If you are a WordPress user, you may directly install the free LikeCoin plugin.
    2. Via NFT Portal, you can mint NFT from any URLs, and it will generate an NFT listing page for you.
    3. Via the partnered website. (announce soon)
  • Q3
    Is owning an NFT the same as owning copyright?

    No. Just as buying a book does not mean buying the copyright, buying the NFT of the work does not mean buying the copyright of the work. Each Writing NFT had its own metadata that would contain the license terms of suggested usage rights.

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